Call Center Solutions

| Nov 3, 2016 |

Call Center Solutions

Call Center Technology

One of our specialties is the call center business. Our technicians are experts in all aspects of an enterprise call center implementation. The human element and cultural subtleties are the key part of your call center implementation.

We combine the best call center technology to match your technical needs along with highly experienced project managers to help manage, document and steer your solution.

  • SIP support for multi-site deployment utilizing
  • Simple centralized management for all call center locations
  • Supports home-based agents working anywhere in the world
  • Disaster recovery systems with attractive reduced-use pricing


Our Call Center  Features:

  • Live administrator and supervisor call center status panel.
  • Area code breakdowns inclusive of calling and waiting time.
  • Agent billable and payable time with total sales, contacts and conversion statistics .
  • Live agent page with queue statistics and agent controls.
  • Total unanswered calls with disconnection time and position.
  • Complete call distribution statistic, including sales and contacts, by week, day or hour.
  • Administrator message broadcasting and SMS functionality.
  • Full agent availability with session and pauses details and history.
  • Inbound ACD call attempts with metrics available by operator, terminal and queue.
  • Detailed call information including the Asterisk Call ID and recorded call.
  • Total of answered calls including call length and waiting time metrics.
  • Inclusive SLA of answered and unanswered calls and disconnection causes.
  • Extensive Quality Assessment module.
  • Send automated nightly PDF/XLS exports by e-mail.
  • Hundreds of metrics computed.
queue metrics


Call Center Design Services

Netchester is a turnkey solution provider for enterprise VOIP and contact center alike. We design and build auto-attendants, IVRs and speech recognition systems for customers all over North America and Europe.

Total System Documentation
We document every aspect of your installation and configuration. We will also create a custom call flow, which is a visual representation of your voice application. This will help you define exactly what your callers will experience.

Voice Programming
Our in-house programmers work with you and your team to build your application using the documentation you provide. Our IVR programs come with simple graphical management options for you and your team.

No Questions Asked Grace Period
We extend FREE maintenance & support to all new customers for a limited time in order to assist with any minor tweaks and changes to your system. Onsite, Telephone & Email support, and fixes are included for the remainder of your support agreement.

Voice and Web Programming
We build every IVR with our own in-house development team based on your call flows and documentation. We provide several other web based or graphical tools.

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