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Top 10 Tenets of a System Administrator

1. If you’re doing it more than once, automate. Any task that is worth doing more than once is worth automating. That means you should keep your scripting skills up to date on any platform you have to work on. This will also reduce the chance for mistakes the...

Web Content Writing Services

Your website is your public face, and if it’s filled with misspellings, grammar and punctuation errors and poorly written text, or it just doesn’t flow well, visitors to your website will be less than impressed and will be less likely to hire you. Like it or not,...

FreePBX SIP Trunking

Not only does FreePBX provide one of the most feature rich PBXs in the market, with a price that can’t be beat, it is has also been the key for thousands of businesses to escape the lock that traditional telephony providers have had on them for so many decades. With...

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